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The Cuban Numismatic Association was founded on January 9, 2004 at the 2004 FUN Coin Show. It encompasses all Cuban coins, currency, medals, tokens, bonds, casino chips, and all other items of private issue. The goal of the Association is to encourage, promote and dispense Cuban numismatic knowledge, culture, education, and fraternal relations among the numismatic community.

A quarterly newsletter is issued to all members. The newsletter includes general information, tutorial topics, and a limited classified ad section. During the years of development, annual meetings will be held in conjunction with the January Florida United Numismatists, Inc. (FUN) Coin Show.

Regular Membership is $10.00 per calendar year ending on December 31st. Junior Membership is free up to the age of eighteen.

NOTE: Charter membership enrollment period ended June 30, 2004.

2016 Officers:

Joseph Algazi Pino President, Email:

Vice President Rudy Valentin

Secretary Richard Schemitsch

Treasurer Joseph Crespo

Board of Directors Richard Becker, Jesus Inguanzo, Stan Klein, Richard Lopez                                 

Parliamentarian Larry Casey

Please detach below after completing the application. Mail to CNA Treasurer c/o Joseph A. Crespo PO Box 47304 Tampa, FL 33646. Checks should be made out to The Cuban Numismatic Association. Please direct any questions to Joe Algasi


Cuban Numismatic Association Membership Application



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The Cuban Numismatic Association normally lists the name and email address of each

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