Cuban Numismatic Association Newsletter
April 2005
APRIL 2005
Editor – Frank Putrow
WebMaster - Stan Klein
Frank Putrow – President 
Andres Rodriguez – Vice President
Marysol Cayado – Secretary
Robert Freeman – Treasurer
Board of Directors – Richard Becker, Larry Casey, Enrique Cayado, Stan Klein, & Emilio M. Ortiz.


 Status of the Cuban Numismatic Association

EDITORS NOTE : CNA members, and other guest writers, are encouraged to submit articles for publication in our newsletter. The CNA, or your editor, does not substantiate or verify statements or data provided in these articles. At times, there may be information, dates, names, etc. that may not be absolute. Our readers are encouraged to use these articles for reference, and to further research the subject if they question any such matter. The writers may not wish to publicize their email address or telephone number, but any comments from the readers to the editor are welcome, and will be forwarded to the writer by the editor.

Your editor apologizes to author Richard Becker and the CNA newsletter readers for rewording a portion of the article “CUBAN CURRENCY”, featured in the January (1-05) 2005 newsletter. The following erroneous information was added, by the editor, to the original text provided by Richard Becker. “It was not until 1934, when the Cuban Government Mint was operative, that the first domestic Cuban paper money was printed”. The fact is that only coins are produced at the Mint. In the case of the 1934-1960 Cuban issues, these notes were produced for Cuba by the United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Several issues in the mid 1950’s were also printed in Great Britain. Since 1961, Cuban banknotes have been printed either in Cuba or by several Soviet/Socialist countries, for use in Cuba.

As we enter our second year in existence, we should be proud of our accomplishments. We have grown to 122 members, representing 21 states, a military APO, plus Puerto Rico, as well as 7 other countries. The other countries are Canada, Cuba, England, Ireland, Mexico, Slovakia, and Spain. Our geographics inherently present organizational problems, since we cannot meet together on a regular basis, and many of our members find it prohibitive, for various reasons, to travel to our annual meetings. It is essential that we communicate with ALL members on a regular basis, and provide them with incentives to stay involved with our association. The quarterly newsletter is not sufficient to meet this objective. We plan to develop a chat room and other conference capabilities for our computer based members, and we will enhance our website for ease and contents. A library must be established, and stocked with reference material. Our most important long range objective is the establishment of a business operation, with staff, to serve our members. It will take planning, funding, and time to realize the business operation, but it is feasible and realistic because our membership consists of many dedicated numismatists who will respond to this challenge. Our Cuban Numismatic Association is growing, although new membership applications have slowed down. Charter Membership Status ended as of June 30, 2004, with a total of 104 Charter Members. Since that time, an additional 18 new regular members have joined, for a total of 122 members.

Our websites or contains an aggregate list of the membership, with the exception of the members who do not want their name listed. Please review the list. If you do not see the names of your friends and associates who might be interested, you can assist our membership drive by giving them an application. An application is provided as the last sheet of this newsletter. Our goal is to have 200 members by January 2006. Let’s meet, and exceed that goal!!!


Posted by: Frank Putrow