Cuban Numismatic Association Newsletter
April 2005
APRIL 2005
Editor – Frank Putrow
WebMaster - Stan Klein
Frank Putrow – President 
Andres Rodriguez – Vice President
Marysol Cayado – Secretary
Robert Freeman – Treasurer
Board of Directors – Richard Becker, Larry Casey, Enrique Cayado, Stan Klein, & Emilio M. Ortiz.

Member Profile

 Robert Freeman, CNA Treasurer 

Since the membership of CNA is so diverse, and separated geographically, it may be feasibly impossible for our members to meet and get to know one another. This section will highlight a member, or members, in each newsletter, providing a brief background of the person(s), so the membership may know a little about the person(s). It will be 100% voluntary. The officers and board members will be given first opportunity to provide their background, followed by the charter, then the regular members.

A Floridian for more than 50 years, Robert Freeman, your Association Treasurer, is not a coin collector. While Bob dabbles in coins from the Napoleonic period from 1799 to 1815, Bob is basically a collector of books and camellias with a strong interest in educational games and in particular educational war games. 

Thanks to the knowledge gained from being a member of the Association, Bob owns some coins relating to Cuba, boasting a 1935 ABC Peso (cleaned) from the stash of a relative of Fidel Castro, a barely identifiable 1788 counter stamped Spanish and Cuban coin (Thank you Jorge Chinea), and a 1908  “Fighting Bob Evans” token. Now is certainly a golden time for Cuban coin collectors at the FUN show.  Jokingly, Bob refers to himself as the “worst known” collector. Bob is the guy who is buying the poor quality coins -- particularly if there is some sort of ancient writing craved on the coin or if the coin has an interesting claimed history.

On most weekends, Bob can be found working with young people teaching and playing educational games of all types. Bob is also the Treasurer of the North Florida Gaming Association, a group that provides gaming space for up to 100 kids a week so they can play educational games in Tallahassee, Florida.
In the 8 to 5 world, Bob is an accountant who works for the State of Florida and helps set the prices of electric, gas, telephone, water, and sewer services throughout Florida. 

In the future, Bob hopes to bring great books and other materials that might be overlooked to the attention of the members.  Basically, Bob’s interest in the Cuban Numismatic Association is to ensure we have a great time at the meeting in Orlando’s next FUN show.

Posted by: Frank Putrow