Cuban Numismatic Association Newsletter
October 2004
Editor – Frank Putrow
WebMaster - Stan Klein
Frank Putrow – President 
Andres Rodriguez – Vice President
Marysol Cayado – Secretary
Robert Freeman – Treasurer
Board of Directors – Richard Becker, Larry Casey, Enrique Cayado, Stan Klein, & Emilio M. Ortiz.


Of our 110 Cuban Numismatic Association membership, about 35 live on the East Coast, and 10 live on the West Coast of Florida. An additional 6 members live on the Caribbean Islands close to our mainland. Although we are not aware of any specific loss of property or life incurred by a member’s family during the four devastating hurricanes since August 13, 2004, we should reflect on what has happened.

Many of our members have collections of considerable value safeguarded in their homes and bank safety vaults. Besides protecting our loved ones, are we prepared to protect our collections during a catastrophic event such as a hurricane? Home safes are not normally waterproof. One should consider placing all valuables in sealed plastic bags, such as Ziplock, or Hefty. Seal them tightly if you plan to leave them in the safe or carry them with you. Remove them from the plastic bags as soon as possible after the danger passes. This will prevent moisture from damaging the item. 

STATUS OF CUBAN NUMISMATIC ASSOCIATION Our Cuban Numismatic Association is growing, although new membership applications have slowed down. Charter Membership Status ended as of June 30, 2004, with a total of 104 Charter Members. Since that time, an additional 6 new regular members have joined, for a total of 110 members.

Our website www.cubannumismaticassociation contains an aggregate list of our members, with the exception of the members who do not want their name listed. Please review the list. If you do not see the names of your friends and associates who might be interested, you can assist our membership drive by giving them an application. An application is provided as the last sheet of this newsletter. Our goal is to have 125 members by January 15, 2004. Let’s meet, and exceed, that goal!!!


Posted by: Frank Putrow