Cuban Numismatic Association Newsletter
July 2004
JULY 2004
Editor – Frank Putrow
WebMaster - Stan Klein
Frank Putrow – President 
Andres Rodriguez – Vice President
Marysol Cayado – Secretary
Robert Freeman – Treasurer
Board of Directors – Richard Becker, Larry Casey, Enrique Cayado, Stan Klein, & Emilio M. Ortiz.


Our Cuban Numismatic Association is progressing very well. As of June 30th, we have 96 members, who reside in the USA, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Great Britain, Ireland, and Slovakia. Charter Membership expired on June 30th, so all new members will be designated as regular membership.

Our website is on line.

We are eagerly anticipating our January, 2005 FUN meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, so we can meet many of our new members and share good will. We anticipate an exciting meeting with door prizes, an auction, and hopefully some traditional Cuban coffee and guava pastries.

Our membership continues to exude enthusiasm. Many members are volunteering articles of their expertise for our newsletter, and others are eagerly anticipating the information that will be shared by our more experienced members. It appears that the Cuban Numismatic Association is well founded and should continue to thrive for years to come.


Our Cuban Numismatic Association is a member of three other Numismatic organizations.

ANA. We are a member of American Numismatic Association (ANA). As members, we enjoy complimentary space on their host computer for our website (

FUN. We are a member of Florida United Numismatists (FUN). As members, we enjoy a complimentary meeting room for our annual meeting during the FUN Coin Show.

LANSA. We are a complimentary member of Latin American Paper Money Society (LANSA), and LANSA is also a complimentary member of our Cuban Numismatic Association (CNA). LANSA is closely related to our own interests, as it caters to the academic interests of collectors of Latin America and Iberian paper money. LANSA includes members with interests in 44 different countries from Antigua to Venezuela. It was founded in January, 1973, and currently has over 500 members. LANSA publishes a quality newsletter, and it has a website and a library for use by its members. If you are interested in joining LANSA or have questions, please contact the president, Arthur C. Matz. His email address is, and his mailing address is: 3304 Milford Mill Road, Baltimore, MD., 21244.

CCGTCC. Although we are not currently a member of Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors Club (CCGTCC), some of our members enjoy their membership in this club. CCGTCC dues are $20 in US funds for one year to US addresses, $5 for associate living at the same address as a regular member, and $35 in US funds to non-US addresses. Applications for membership with appropriate dues should be forwarded to CCGTCC’s membership officer, Ralph Myers, at Box 357669, Las Vegas, NV, 89133-5769

FTS. Although we are not currently a member of Florida Token Society (FTS), some of our members also enjoy membership in this society. Annual FTS membership dues are $7.50, $5 for juniors under age 18, and $2.50 for an associate at the same address as a regular member. A membership application and a free sample copy of Tokenews can be obtained from the journal editor, Steve Ratliff, by writing him at 1717 Saint Mary’s Drive, Milton, FL, 32583-7343. The FTS website can be accessed at


Posted by: Frank Putrow